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How To Promote Books On Social Media

How to Promote Books on Social Media

How to promote books on social media: useful tips for authors

The Professional writers doesn’t know how to write a content for the marketing purposes. You just wrote a brilliant book but you don’t know how to create buzz.

If you are struggling with this  part of the process, so this is for you . We are going to write this article for you only if you are readable to how you promote your books on social media . If you are an author then this will be helpful for you.

Painpoints of An Author

Basically , Authors are introverts so they would not like to tell about themselves on any social platform . And Marketing and Promoting are very distracted things for them .

Most of the Authors doesn’t know how to use social media for promoting books.

Here, mentioning  five  pain points of an Author:

  • Not getting Reviews.
  • Being Frustrated at External Factors limiting their Success.
  • Struggling With Marketing.
  • Not Knowing What Their Audience Love to Read.
  • Not Knowing Why Their Books are Not Selling.

It is not possible  for the  Authors, to search constantly for a buyers’ . That’s why a Author should know how to use a social media for promoting his/ her books.

So they have to do a Marketing plan , where they can not only tell about their books but also they can promote their books on social media without getting people’s numbers.

Why Does Author Need A Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social Media Marketing promotes good health care for people , and influence people to adopt fit and healthier lifestyle .

According to Authors, Social Media Marketing is the process of generating viral communication , that uses social media channels to create , communicate , deliver and exchanging of information of values .

If you have never published any book and planning to publish your first book, then you need to follow some renowned authors of your genres. You need to follow their marketing strategy on social media very carefully and then need to do it for yourself.

7 Steps Should Follow to Publish A Book:

Here are 7 steps that you should follow while publishing your book:

  • Write the Book
  • Edit the manuscript
  • Design the Cover & Format
  • Decide to publish as an e-book or print book
  • Decide the Budget
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Awesome launch plan

The best way to get started to publish your books through Social Media whereas social media starts to build up your “author tag”.

The solution to get started with social media:

  1. Create great community on Facebook:
    To create your community on facebook you have to socialise with other people . you can tell them about your book and the theme of your book which will help you to  sell your book not only on your friends circle but also your social media friends.This type of group attract more people.
  2. Start a Facebook contest:
    You will show your book that appreciate your Facebook Followers for supporting you in this journey. Just invite them why they want the book and give them a copy of newly published books. You will send free copies for that fan if he would like it and it will bring new potential readers towards your page .
  3. Offer a free chapter:
    In non fiction writing free chapters offer deep insights into the entire essence of the content.A free introductory chapter can also be a marketing strategy for a fiction book.
  4. Use great visuals:
    The social media environment is all about visuals . Here you can use different types of characters, colours , shape , size and arrangement .  When people see a new image , they should recognize it’s yours and spread throughout your posts on social media.

When To Market Your Book on Social Media:

Every book is expected to sell quickly for a short period of time and that time is when the publisher’s focus should be marketing the book and trying to recover the money as fast as possible. This time is known as the life span of the book.

During holidays you will be promoting your book on social media as people become more active during holidays only .

The sooner you start promoting your book on social media, the better result you have. So think about promoting your book on social media at least 3 to 4 months before your release date.

Why Author need a Website While Promote Books on Social Media

A website gives potential readers or clients a way to find your book or services.  You can help potential readers find you even before you finish writing your book .   Update your site with articles that would surface in your target audience’s organic search results.


The goal of a great ending is to tie everything  together , neatly summarize your book , and then provide a specific call or calls to action for your reader .

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