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Kickstart Your Digital Marketing Career With
Saikat Chatterjee

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Kickstart Your Digital Marketing Career With
Saikat Chatterjee


Hey there! We are BTN Academy – with the coolest Online Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata that smashes all stereotypes. Level up and become a digital marketing pro with endless possibilities in no time!

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About Diploma In Digital Marketing : Must Read!!

Earn an Online Diploma in Digital Marketing and unlock massive earning potential in the online world. You can start with our online search engine optimization course, online social media marketing course, and online search engine marketing course or you can do the full online digital marketing course with guidance from ace digital marketing guru Saikat Chatterjee with 23+ years of experience. Get great career options in this digital age with comprehensive live training and gain experience from live projects. Launch your successful career in the dynamic and ever-growing field of digital marketing under a unique Digital Marketing Course with  lifetime mentorship program at BTN Academy, the best Online Digital Marketing Institue in India

Online Diploma In Digital Marketing from BTN Academy is a mix of Live Sessions and Self Learning Assignment based Sessions ( students need to watch video lessons instructed by the trainer and finish the allotted assignments). It is a perfect blend of SEO, SEM, and SMM, that will guide you to give a jump start to your career.

Experience Endless Earning Possibilities as

  • Professional Digital Marketer
  • Digital Marketing Agency Owner

Start your career as a professional Digital Marketer or a Freelance Digital Marketer or a Digital Marketing Agency Owner. The possibilities are endless just like the internet itself. You get the right start and you are the hero.


Marketing fundamentals in digital marketing encompass leveraging online channels to engage, attract, and convert audiences. Understanding the target market, sales funnel, buyers persona, and optimizing strategies for search engines are crucial elements. Utilizing social media, email marketing, and data analytics aids in measuring performance and refining campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization, if properly done by SEO Professionals, boosts the visibility of a website and rankings on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Duckduck Go, Bing, etc. Pull organic traffic towards the website and attract potential customers for any business. Grow brand awareness and establish a strong online presence. Drive more leads, conversions, and revenue by optimizing the website for top-class search engine performance.

With Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you can reach a highly targeted audience through paid advertising on search engines. Drive immediate traffic to websites and increase brand visibility. Maximize return on investment (ROI) by optimizing your ad campaigns and reaching potential customers at the right moment. Boost online presence and achieve business growth with strategic SEM techniques.

With Social Media Marketing (SMM), we can reach a global audience and promote products and services fast and more effectively. SMM enables two-way communication, fostering genuine connections with customers. Through extensive data analysis, we can refine strategies for better ROI and increased conversions. Additionally, leveraging influencers amplifies brand awareness and drives remarkable growth in the digital landscape.

After completing the course, BTN Academy will help you to prepare for interviews for your job seach. Mentors will guide you to showcase your newfound knowledge and skills effectively. Practicing mock interviews with peers or mentors can boost confidence and readiness for the real interview.

We are committed to empowering you to build a thriving digital marketing agency with our comprehensive support. Through expert guidance and in-depth training, we'll equip you with the latest industry trends and strategies. Our tailored mentorship will assist you in honing your skills and establishing a robust client base. With cutting-edge tools and resources at your disposal, you'll have the confidence and competence to succeed in the dynamic world of digital marketing.


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Embrace AI: Your Friend, Not Foe - Unlock Success Together!

Sometimes back people used to think that Computers are going to eat up human jobs, but with time we have seen that instead of eating up, the wide application of computers has created numerous jobs for humans. The same thing applies to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Don’t think of AI as your competitor and don’t be afraid of losing your job to Artificial Intelligence. Rather learn it properly to ride with it and stay ahead of others.

Learn how to use Chat GPT effectively using Prompt Engineering in this course

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Rahul Bose

One of the most interesting course in the market. It was fun learning for Saikat Sir.

Mehuli Bera

Most comprehensive Digital Marketing Course. Saikat Sir guided me througout the course.

Chandreyee Das

I was searching for a digital marketing course that i can pursue after my college hours and this was perfect for me

Sjit Karmakar

I was looking for an affordable digital markeitng course online. BTN Academy have got me covered.


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Regular live question and answer sessions with the mentor, assuring finest level of doubt clearing

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Fine tune your digital marketing skills with exclusive workshops hosted by renowned digital marketers

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Whenever a new technology is in the market, we upgrade our curriculum for you. So you can keep the pace

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You missed a class? Don't worry! We have recorded sessions for you. Access anytime and from any where.


Saikat Chatterjee

23+ years of experience

Saikat Chatterjee, the mastermind behind BTN Academy, has spent more than 10 years unraveling the secrets of Digital Marketing. He has discovered the perfect blend of artistry and scientific methodology, allowing him to achieve exceptional ROI. And now, he’s overflowing with enthusiasm as he shares his boundless knowledge with all of you.


Boost your career and stand out from the crowd with Online Digital Marketing Diploma from one of India’s top digital marketing training institutes. Learn to use Chat GPT effectively using Prompt Engineering and Generative AI in digital marketing.

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Do you think you are not willing to continue anymore? or maybe you have shifted your interest towards any other course! or maybe you just don’t like the course. Don’t freak out! After attending the 3rd Live Session, just reach out to: [email protected], and your course fees will be refunded.

It’s that simple!


Online Digital Marketing Course from BTN Academy is a virtual educational program that offers comprehensive training in various aspects of digital marketing. SEO, SEM, and SMM are some of the most important topics that this course covers. The main benefit of this course is flexible class timing, interactive sessions, and a lifetime mentorship program.

You can be a student or a professional from any other field who is interested in building a successful career in digital marketing, or an entrepreneur who is looking for promoting his website can be benefited from this Online Digital Marketing Course from BTN Academy.

Online Digital Marketing Course from BTN Academy provides a certificate of completion. We provide a work experience letter as well after the successful completion of the internship program.

Completing the Online Digital Marketing Course from BTN Academy can open doors to multiple career opportunities in the digital marketing industry. You can pursue roles such as digital marketing specialist, social media manager, SEO analyst, etc., or even start your own digital marketing agency.

The main advantage of Online Digital Marketing courses is their flexibility in timing. Our Digital Marketing Course is self-paced, allowing you to study at your own convenience. This makes it feasible to balance learning with other commitments like full-time work or college studies or existing business activities.