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Top 10 Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing in India

Are you interested in finding the top 10 career opportunities in digital marketing? This article will provide you with answers to all of your queries related to career opportunities in digital marketing in India.

We are witnessing massive growth in the digital market in the post-covid age. Digital economy growth in India will grow to $1 trillion in 2022. This means that more Indian companies will be reaching prospective customers online.

This is the perfect opportunity to begin an online marketing career. Additionally, there are numerous lucrative digital marketing jobs in the market that make digital marketing among the most appealing career choices that are available. You can consider taking up a digital marketing course with a job guarantee in Kolkata to start your career in the digital domain.

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Top 10 Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing in India

Here is a list of important routes that can lead to the opportunity for a career with a focus on Digital Marketing and a few more that will lead to new jobs in this field over the next years. Let’s look at different kinds of jobs within Digital Marketing.

1. Content Creator

Content Creator responsibilities include distributing ads to advertise items and blog posts on subjects related to the industry, and also marketing the content on social media. Digital publishing is also a part of it and generates leads and traffic for new companies.

Soon, we’ll also see an increase in AR and VR advertising content.

Augmented reality is a way to add digital elements to live-streamed views typically by using the camera of a mobile phone. Virtual reality provides a vibrant experience that clones the real world and allows the virtual environment to feel real. Online digital marketing courses for students from BTN Academy can help you make a career in digital marketing as a content creator.

Anyone with experience in freelance or industry between 0 and 2 years, might expect a website-based content author to be paid between Rs.3.5 lakhs annually up to Rs.4.0 lakhs annually. An author of content who has two to five years of experience can expect a substantial amount of money in the range of Rs.5 Lakh to 8 lakh/annum.

2. Digital Content Producer

The Digital Content Producer writes and creates, edits, and distributes content for a variety of advanced stages using digital platforms, such as blogs, sites journals on the internet, social media recordings, emails promoting efforts, publicity efforts online-based media posts whitepapers, infographics and much more.

Content is the basis of the Digital Marketing establishment. This is why we would like someone to make it similar to analysts, authors photographers, visual originators video editors, and so on.

A single blog post could contain this many experts, which we refer to as Content Producers. To be among them, you must have impressive writing ability and a deep and constant understanding of sentence structure in the language. The median salary for Senior Content Producers is around Rs. 8 lakh per year, in India.


3. Digital Content Manager

The Content Manager must understand the best way to structure the process that Content Producers be following.

They are accountable for the planning and overseeing of the creation of content. The person in charge is also accountable for establishing and implementing the content plan which is based on the number of people who are conducting the test.

In order to do this the Content Manager needs to understand the distinctions between every Digital Marketing channel and how to handle these channels. In addition, the professional should be an early adopter when working with the producer’s team.

This person is responsible for making improvements and staying current with the latest content, all while achieving business goals. Learning from the best institute for digital marketing in Kolkata can help you know more about content management.

The average pay for Content Managers is approximate Rs.6 lakh each year, in India.


4. Digital Influencer

Digital Influencers are a new kind of Content Producer. Their image and their content impact all those in an audience, creating a significant opportunity for the brands.

The force to reckon with explores their viewpoints and lifestyle, as well as other subjects that are not considered to be ordinary. The brand could incorporate its products according to the specifics of the powerhouse. To become to be a Digital influencer, you have to create unique and distinctive content, which includes recent and explicit topics.

The highest amount of compensation to Influencer Marketing professionals in India is up to Rs.4 lakh each year. The lowest amount of payment of Influencer Marketing India is around Rs.3 lakh each year.


5. The Digital Marketing Strategist and Manager

Digital Marketing Strategists and Managers have the greatest responsibility in arranging, drafting, and executing, as well as handling the marketing strategy for digital channels.

In addition, they are accountable for overseeing, directing, and preparing digital marketers, as well as other promoting positions within the company.

The specialist must know the various areas of digital advertising in detail, and also the best time to use every person to obtain the greatest outcomes using less risk. In the majority of cases, they are experts in their field that are usually endorsed by different Digital Marketing regions.

The typical compensation for Digital Marketing Managers (early managers) is at least Rs. 5 Lakhs per year in India. Although the Senior Digital showcasing supervisor’s compensation is between the amount of Rs. 7 lakhs- 10 lakhs. The person has over 5-9 years of experience with India.


6. Social Media Manager

A Social Media manager, also known as a Community Manager, is responsible for overseeing the collaborations of an organization with the general public through the implementation of content systems on social media platforms.

Their duties include delving into the information about commitments, identifying patterns in communications between clients, and coordinating computerized missions to create local areas on the internet. Sign up for the digital marketing course with job guarantee in Kolkata from BTN Academy to learn social media marketing!

The typical amount of compensation for a Social Media Manager is Rs.25k each month, in India. Then, you can search by region to find Social Media Manager compensations in your area.


7. Email Marketing Specialist in Email Marketing

An Email Marketing Specialist composes drawing using duplicates for email marketing and in projects. Based on what size the company or office Based on the size of the company or office, according to the organization’s size, the Email Marketer may likewise be responsible for the development of the email crusade strategy and strategies for delivering powerful messages.

The expert discusses the best ways to maintain continuous communication with customers through division-maintaining streams, metric research, and explicit devices. A digital marketing course with job guarantee in Kolkata can be effective if you want to learn email marketing techniques.

The highest salary of the position of an Email Marketing Professional in India is around Rs.12 lakh each year. The minimum pay for the position of an Email Marketing Specialist in India is around Rs. 2 Lakh each year.


8. SEM and SEO Specialist

SEO/SEM is a Search Engine Marketing specialist. (SEO/SEM) are responsible for coordinating, executing, and managing an organization’s general SEO system.

They usually cover a broad variety of obligations, such as web marketing, investigation organizing content systems, and external link building and catchy method.

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist is the person in charge of implementing the set of processes to position blogs or websites at the very beginnings of websites that are indexed by search engines.

They use a range of intricate techniques, which include amazing content, website webpage source code as well as the experience of the customer on their blog. Signing up for the best digital marketing course with placement assurance from BTN Academy can be beneficial in terms of mastering SEM and SEO.

The highest amount of pay to an SEO/SEM Professional within India is Rs.9 lakh each year. The lowest average wage for an SEO/SEM Professional working in India is Rs.4 lakh each year.


9. Copywriter

A copywriter is paid to write “duplicate” words that are designed to trigger activities. Copywriting is often connected to the act of selling or promoting the business, association or product, or even administration, making it a form of promotion. Copywriting can be used in a broad variety of forms such as advertising.

Copywriters are responsible for writing convincing, persuasive, advertising, and other materials that are limited in time for a range of goods and services. Additionally, copywriters aid in creating a brand voice and ensuring that the duplicates are in line by composing, changing, and sealing the materials.

The median salary for a copywriter is Rs.4 lakh each calendar year across India.


10. Designer of UX/UI

Beyond the practical aspects of what is offered through social networks, Digital Marketing requires an adequate understanding of the websites and journals.

To access it you’ll require the User Interface and the user experience designer. They are in charge of planning every client activity on the website, anticipating the possibility of problems, and making sure that there is a speed for stacking pages.

The typical pay for a UX Designer in India will be Rs.6 lakh



In this post, we’ve provided all you should know about the possibilities of a career in Digital Marketing in India. We hope this helps you make a decision and succeed in your professional endeavors. If you’re on the lookout for the best digital marketing course with job guarantee in Kolkata, you can get in touch with us.

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